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QHS School Program - Education

At QHS, we believe strongly that children and adults develop kindness, sensitivity, responsibility and appreciation towards all living creatures when they are around animals.

We have delivered a successful program for 8 years by visiting many of the schools in our jurisdiction.  Age appropriate talks always lead to questions ad answer sessions that show that this invaluable time is success. Learning about what why animals come to us for help.

  • Why are they there?
  • If you are approached by a strange dog without an owner around.
  • Are you ready for a pet?
  • How to be responsible and kind to all animals.
  • What do we do at the QHS?
  • Becoming involved as a student at the shelter.
  • The importance of spaying and neutering all pets.
  • What do animals need?

These visits are conducted on request from a school or teacher.  Each presentation involves taking a few animals and include a safe, hands on introduction to each pet.  Some children have never had a pet due to many reasons, and love these opportunities to spend time with an animal.

These visits usually last far longer than expected as the children are so excited and happy to spend this time with our pets, that they questions go on and on.  Many  times the children go home and tell mom and dad that they want to help the animals and drop by often for visits.

It has been shown that a child reading to a dog can also increase their skill because they feel that the dog is enjoying the time and that they are not being judged.