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Feline Enrichment! Our cats are seeing a lot more of us these days due to the Provincial wide stay at home order. Here are a few ways you, and your family can keep your feline friends entertained while locked down together. Become an Inventor- Cats love to climb! Providing appropriate climbing apparatus such as cats trees- homemade or purchased, should keep them off of your curtains! Corrugated cardboard boxes work great, and if you’re feeling inventive, and have some duct tape handy, you could come up with an intricate tunnel system. Your cats are sure to appreciate your efforts! Become a
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May is National Pet Month May is National Pet Month and one of the ways the Quinte Humane Society is celebrating is by promoting the benefits of pet ownership. Everyone loves their pets and knows how much love they bring to a home but do you notice the other ways that your pets benefit your life? Caring for a pet can help you make healthy lifestyle changes such as: Increasing exercise. Studies have shown that dog owners are much more likely to meet their daily exercise requirements which is a benefit not only to you but to your pet. Taking a dog for a walk or run are fun ways to get in your daily steps, to get
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A Home for Every Pet Project!   Last Friday April 30, 2021 was National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day! The Quinte Humane Society partnered with Royale's- A Home for Every Pet Project to raise additional funds for the homeless animals of the Quinte Region. On Friday, Royale hosted a virtual donation drive for Humane Societies and Shelter partners across Canada! This initiative helped to raise awareness and secure funds for the over 100, 000 homeless animals awaiting adoption in Canadian animal shelters each year! Royale matched all donations made on Friday- up to $500.00. For those wondering how far $1000.00 goes
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