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Calvin! Calvin came into our care on Canada Day. He wasn’t in the greatest condition upon arrival, but nothing a little TLC and flea treatment couldn’t remedy. He was either a once loved pet, or an excellent hunter because he hadn’t missed any meals during his time on the lam. We’ve had a chance to get to know this lively lad, and he is a leader through and through. Calvin dictates how his day will play out, and the amount of attention he’d like to receive. He is either relaxed and cat napping the day away or standing on his two back feet fiddling with his kennel door- plotting his
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Nicholas & Sparks Nicholas & Sparks are two bonded 1-year-old boys looking for a patient home they can settle into. These two did come from the same location as strays, but did not come to us at the same time. They have formed a friendship here at the shelter and are now inseparable. Nicolas is very forward with his affection. He loves to be fussed over and pet, but will love nip when he gets overstimulated. Nicholas is a grazer with his food and prefers to have the choice of eating at his leisure. He has a short attention span and is easily distracted by noises, other cats and toys. He is a very curious
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Cucumber! Sleek and stylish, Cucumber is always dressed to impress in his tailored black and white tuxedo. Though, when he arrived in late June, he was disheveled and much the worse for wear. He was successfully lured into a live trap- drawn in by the appearance of a bright green cucumber. (hence his name) We believe he was in this trap for at least 24 hours, the poor fellow was terrified, he was missing patches of fur and had some scrapes and scratches that covered his slim frame. The transition from outside street cat, to inside companion has taken time but he is getting the hang of things. Cucumber
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